Becoming the first design hire after interning for some time at London based internet radio staple NTS, I took care of the day-to-day graphic design needs of the station, initially creating unique artwork in both still and video formats for all incoming DJ guest shows for NTS digital social channel’s. Over of the 5 years of working, I got to work on a plethora of projects across the entire NTS output. Leading work on merchandise internally and externally with brand collaborations, directly with brands and organisations for commercial projects as well as  motion graphics for video projects. 

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Skill: Art Direction, Grapic Design
Tools: Photoshop

Skill: Art Direction, Video Editing + Motion Design
Promo Videos Shot by Thierry Phung & Chantal Adam’s
Tools: After Effects, Premiere Pro

Skill: Art Direction/Concept, Graphic Design
Various Merchandise Ideas
Tools: Photoshop + Illustrator