Kemar Reid is a multi-disciplinary Art Director based in London, UK.

With over a decade of design expertise, Kemar Reid is a seasoned graphic designer and art director rooted and powered by the transformative realms of music and editorial. Kemar’s artistic journey began with his profound love for music, acting as the catalyst for his initial foray into art and design. Witnessing design as an art form with limitless potential and the ability to yield infinite results, Kemar embarks on a mission to explore the dynamic interplay between visual aesthetics and sonic narratives.

His career took flight at NTS Radio, where he honed his craft and left an indelible mark by establishing a progressive visual identity. Spearheading the merchandise program and collaborating with renowned brands such as Adidas, Carhartt, and Uniqlo, laying the foundation for a distinctive design ethos. Subsequently, his creative journey led him to the legendary British magazine dubbed the “Style Bible”,  The Face Magazine, where he played a pivotal role in relaunching the iconic publication as the first design hire, breathing new life into its legacy for a contemporary audience.

Throughout his professional trajectory, Kemar’s contributed design expertise to industry giants such as Amazon Music, Nike, Browns Fashion, and Woo by ITV to name a few. Currently serving as the Art Director at Resident Advisor, Kemar continue’s to push the boundaries of creative expression, fusing his passion for music and editorial design into innovative and captivating visual narratives.